Monday, September 15, 2008

Re: ?? Obama on BAIPA

 other than your first two sentences, it was all drivel.  i heartily agree that freedom is in jeopardy.

the biggest threat to our freedom is right here.,  bush-cheney in their campaign of fear and abridgement of civil rights in the name of "safety" have been the biggest threat to freedom.

stop listening to those arguments which are UNcritcal if you want to find out about loss of freedom. 

your slavish alignment with this past administration is well detailed in "It Can't Happen Here", published > 70 yrs ago.  _exactly_ the same arguments were being made by people as un-equipped as yourself to see what was really happening.

cheney and karl rove set out to increase, if not aggrandize the power of the executive.  you would say "good, we need a strong firm hand on the ship of state."   to which i say, "not unless it's aware of the waters it's sailing in"   a subject manifestly clear to anyone who's ever taken even a dingy out of the smallest slip.  

my motto:

     reality over ideals
     people over things
     practical over all.

you still have yet to address how mccain represents change.  or is he lying to us?  are you willing to tolerate the lie?

McCain brings us

   a. same campaign staff
   b. same foreign policy, and
   c. same domestic/economic policy

as the most miserable 8 years in the nation's history.

When you respond to this one, then we'll examine how (or not) your president (surely NOT mine) increased our freedoms over his tenure.  

Since you took the trouble to write, I'll spare you the screed you deserve, except to offer this little insight.   I'm not feeling too sorry for the boys down on wall street who were packing their bags today, especially the rather large number who applauded elliot spiitzer's demise.   i feel badly, of course, of his betrayal of the public trust, but, i feel even worse that his demise, and loss of regulatory muscle was even a bigger tragedy for your daughter, my children and theirs than you care to acknowledge.

I hope you don't think the people who needed more regulation were likely Democratic, rather than Republican voters.   I'll give you any odds you want that the boys who gamed the system, inflated the values, and passed on the risk while skimming the cream were at least 3 to 1 republicans vs democrats.  Suggest i'm wrong there.

finally,  since you raise the subject of "values", we can work on that one later; you've guessed that i'm no more "reasonable" than you are, and deal my arguments from "faith" as you do.  _except_ i like my faith, which i "believe" really puts people first.


On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 3:01 PM, Wronka, Edward <> wrote:
In my own words....

I believe that the freedom that we in the United States enjoy isn't
guaranteed. Indeed, mere circumstances prevented Hitler from directly
attacking our freedom--i.e. he was separated by an ocean and the
Japanese army woke our nation up to the threat he posed before Hitler
was in a position to overcome the distance of the Atlantic ocean.

When I look at the world I see a huge divide between the haves and the
have-nots....those which have human freedom and those who do not.

      when i ride the NJ Transit NE Corridor from Linden thru Elizabeth and Newark,
    I see more "have nots" than you can imagine.

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