Tuesday, September 16, 2008



   without reading your reply, something i failed to mention in my last letter:   recently on one of the movie channels, we saw Dr Zhivago.   it was big when i was a lad, possibly before your time.   as you know, it was written by boris pasternak, and if ever there was one to talk about the repressive soviet system, that evil against which we all struggle, it was pasternak. (or, ok maybe solzhenitsyn)  well, there's a moment in the movie, when the ... family, with ralph richardson as the father and geraldine chaplin as the daughter, where they are herded onto a cattle car, "only 50 to a car, we don't want you crowded",   and after the horrid sanitary rules are spelled out, a policeman shackles one of the "passengers", played by klaus kinski (i just checked) who has the line:  "I'm the only free person on this train", as he struggles with his shackles.

  so what did pasternak mean?

  i think you confuse "freedom" with "security".    those herded onto the cattle car not in shackles were simply going along.  the prisoner was the only one fighting for "freedom".   and, consequently, he was the only one who was free.  i'd observe the defenders (and occupiers) of freedom, are those who struggle against the closer evil.    it was _really_ interesting, the few lines in the movie, where the policeman/guard was assuring the human cattle that "the line is clear", sounds too much like the hollow assurances given by this, and a (not too likely) future republican administration.  "the battle is far away, don't worry. "

  i've put the movie "1984" on our netflix queue; it's not currently available.  i wonder why?   is it the news of the day looks too much like the perpetual state of war "far away".  that's the thing which most disturbed me about this administration's raison d'etre:  "we'll fight them over there so they don't come over here".   that has much more to do with a false sense of security than anything passing for freedom.

+=+-- Citizen Marty McGowan
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