Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Re: ?? Obama on BAIPA


it's not that you are dumb; you've accepted your side's arguments on faith, which is not to be denied, a sound basis to take a position on, except, you refuse to admit it (therefore, i conclude you believe that somehow faith < reason)

the republican party is not dumb, indeed very smart, since it relies on it's ability to fool a great number of people to take positions contrary to their own best interests.

i'd be much more interested in your positions, faith-, and/or reason-inspired, if you told me what it was _costing_ you to take that position.

what i'm trying to tell you is that you're endorsing the positions of power brokers, who are asking _our_ people, yours and mine, to do the dying and financial sacrificing.   to the extent you refuse to consider that possibility you are not dumb, simply ignorEnt.

    ignorent:  (adj)  willful disregard of facts.

from Marty McGowan's Dictionary of Political Observation. 

i'm really only interested in what _you_ have to say, not some self-serving quote from anywhere.  you are yet to take on my observation that wrt the mccain campaign:

  •     the staff is Rove re-treads  (lincoln missed this one:  "you can fool enough of the people enough of the time" -- K Rove)
  •     the foreign policy is indistinguishable from the last 8 years,
  •     the tax policy is           "                         "                 "  (mega-dittos -- B. F. R. Limbaugh)

and that somehow these facts = change.  I don't think so.

Now as for Obama,  let's try civility for a while, even though his positions may represent some tired old liberal themes, not all that new (or liberal, according to the ubiquitous "some") , _except_ they haven't been tried for 8, or 28 years, take your pick, so i call it "change".

to mis-quote someone,  "it all depends on what your definition of ``change'' is"


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