Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's Bad News

Steve, John,

let me share this "fan" mail with you both, and then
individually. the 6:32 out of Linden gives me time to
do a thorough job on the Star Ledger, of which you
both are on my regular stops. today's (7.24) was no
exception. now individually:

(from the note i penned on the Donaghy-McGrady
photo under your byline): Your article helped me
understand why I stopped following the NBA at the
end of the season ('64?) in which Hondo stole the
inbound pass at the Gahden. The most I've given
it for 30 yrs is the 4th quarter of any Finals round
elimination game. For me, the basketball season
ends in March.


Agent 86 = 2 * Pres 43! how clever. novel comparisons,
which on reflection aren't a stretch. funny _and_
sad. his latest retreat: "we're here to fight al Queda
in Iraq"! permit an observation: anyone who voted
for Bush twice should be forever disqualified from
voting for president. a few weeks back you noted
it's probably too late to remove B & C from office, and
actually cautioned against it. do you really think we
can last that long? i'm ordering my
"President Pelosi" bumper stickers now.

-=-. Marty McGowan mcgowan@alum.mit.edu
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p.s. to cc'd Steve Politi and John Farmer of
the Newark Star Ledger