Thursday, January 8, 2009

Partisan -- "Non-" vs "bi-"

your call. which would you rather have?

this evening (1/8) Nancy Pelosi, on the News Hour, was always referring to "bi-partisan" action on the stimulus plan. which got me thinking. do you remember how republicans always spoke of "non-partisan", as if that were the value. at least the democrats recognize there is another party over there.

which got me further thinking: the republican natural philosophy is to see themselves as the modern federalists: you put us here to make the decisions for you. after all, the modern republican party shares a dimension with the founders: white, male, property holders. of course, we're non-partisan, we just told you so.

and Speaker Pelosi reminds us of one fight it's good that "we won". and that, according to her, according to Bush, was his highest attempt: the attempt to privatize social security. she didn't say it, but I'll give you the two-word refutation of why we need never consider it again: Bernie Madoff.