Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who supports Hillary?

you can tell lilith i've only sent money to the edwards campaign.  
  others on my "inside" list are: richardson, kucinich,  & maybe dodd.

nothin' better than a big change, emphasis _big_. 

two of my constant opinions:
   "i've never met a republican who _needed_ my vote"  -- which doesn't mean
         i haven't voted for a republican, and ...
   "never has an increase in public cynicism failed to benefit the republican"

the practical example of the last one, and i hate to admit that i agree with
  ronald regan, but he "predicted": "the government's the problem, not
  the solution".   how did he know george w bush would ever be president?!

On Dec 4, 2007 8:09 PM, Al Telford <alleetelford@yahoo.com> wrote:
mickey.  one of my girl friends, lilith925 ,was very glad i hooked her up with your e mail .  she thinks your the most intelegent person that she has meet on the internet.  she also is a  hilery fan. im not i favor of her as you have probley guessed already.  i dont know who is worth voting for yet.  all i know is that we need a big change in this country.  al

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