Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program?

Keith Olbermann, last thursday night: 12/06, opined on the "what did you know, and when did you know it", addressed to Mr Bush about the NIE report that Iran has not pursued nuclear weapons since 2003.    See this report from Olbermann.

I take a different view, challenging the way the intelligence is delivered (as well as the messenger), but importantly, an overlooked aspect on how we are supposed to consume this information.  

Consider this:  we are tantalized by the prospect that "they could resume the weapons program at any time".   Certainly true.  Why no one has thought to ask, "yes, and if so, when would we know it?"   There are only two conclusions to draw from this reasoning:   first, it conceivably would take us another 4 years to  find out the program has been turn on  OR that we might find out about it the day after tomorrow, but we don't need to tell you.     In the first case, we are led to believe the intelligence community is really sluggish in developing a picture, in the latter we must assume the pressure to report is squelched by political consideration.   My personal belief is both have been the pattern of the Iraq years, and now, as Olbernan suggests, we need new enemies.   He carefully analyzes Bush's pronouncements on Iran over the last year, and points out a detectable shift between August 6 and August 9, when he believes a Mike McConnell briefing actually set him straight.   Olbermann, with this evidence, as he sees it, clearly believes Bush has been lying on this one, at least since that time, and used the intervening four months to shift the tone of the story so we might not notice, and could claim, "I was only briefed last week", claim which Olbermann smells a just enough truth.

The NewsDarkTime has for two years believed Bush (and Cheney) were well over the impeachment line;   those who cite congress' low approval rating don't explore the dissatisfaction:  the 77% who are dissatisfied with congress don't necessarily approve of the administration, Probably fully half that number support impeachment, but can't muster the clout with congress.  So we're simply added to the dissatisfied.

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