Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gun Vote

my favorite part of the 2nd amendment is the "well-regulated militia" part.

the implication being, even if it's an _individual_ right, as all the rights
must be, is that it requires regulation.   today we witnessed an otherwise
law-abiding citizen in omaha take out 8 of his fellow americans (and
wounding a handful of others) before taking his own life, need i point
out, with a legally acquired gun (or could i be wrong here).

if you want to preserve the individual right, as i do,  you will work _much_
harder than you have been willing to respect the "well-regulated part".

it should be up to gun advocates to advocate responsible regulation,
because coming from others, it would be irresponsible regulation.   today's
tragedy is blood on the hands of those who would have _NO_ regulation.

thus, _my_ poll would be:

    [ ] no regulation
    [ ] responsible regulation
    [ ] irresponsible regulation

-=-.. Marty McGowan

p.s. those of you who'd like to hear what i think is responsible regulation,
 please write, and i'll post a response to those who inquire.

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First - vote on this one.    
Second - launch it to all the pro-gun folks and have THEM vote
 To vote in the USA Today poll, click on the link below.
 Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?
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