Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re: Climate Change


   all i see in your arguments are excuses for why you don't want to listen to him, not any evidence that he is misleading us.

   all the arguments from your side of the aisle are merely justifications in your continued self-deception. 

   the economic arguments are stronger than you think. none less than T Boone Pickens thinks Al Gore is too soft on a time table.  According to Pickens, if we are more cautious than Gore, we can count on $300/barrel oil in less time than Gore's timetable.   He says "Gore and I differ on problems #1 and #2.   I think it's COST, then Environment; Gore has it backwards."   So, Ed, you tell me:  are we willing to go to $300/bbl = $10/gallon.    _please_ don't tell me that offshore drilling will reverse this.  go check a chart of known vs. tapped oil reserves.  you will see that further drilling is now in the bandage realm of healing, and not a cure.

   you are DEAD WRONG on the economics on anything approaching you and your children's lifetime.  but you, for reasons unfathomable to the reasonable would rather take your instructions from the oil industry and their paid minions.

  and on you and gore:   i don't know if you've figured this out yet, but it's possible he is right, and you are right, and i am right, too.   in my philosophy, we _all_ are right.   but, here's the deal: you think _you_ are correct when you say al gore is a joke. he is a joke to YOU, and i appreciate your sense of humor.   but, are you asking me to believe that because it's true for you (that al gore is a joke to _you_) that he's a joke for _everyone_?

  please help me with my gap in logic here.  


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 1:43 PM, Wronka, Edward <> wrote:
I woud argue that the economic arguments are much less flawed...

As to Global Warming...its getting warmer, but based on hurricanes, the frequency & strengths of hurricanes 100 years ago are consistent with what we see today.

Moreover I concede that there is some gobal warming, but as any REAL Vikings fan knows ...

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 this is more like it.   your words on his words.

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