Thursday, May 29, 2008

Re: BBC E-mail: Ex-aide criticises Bush over Iraq

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It just goes to show what a partisan nation we've become...I believe in Scott McLellan as much as you believe Kathleen Willey.
   except  Scott McClellan  once spoke for the (acting) President of the United States.  one might ask then if you _ever_ believed him.  that's what wrankles you.  the prosecutor, armed with your reasoning would eat you up:  are you lying now or were you lying then.   an intellectually honest person would agree with the later statements.

   your parallels are  as weak as your argument:  totally insubstantial.  "grasping at straws", i believe it's called.

   McClellan has discovered his conscience.   Is there a simpler explanation?  the question stands.  answer it or tuck your tail.

+=+-- Marty

   p.s.  i have little patience for you "excusers",  right down there with the "appeasers"

  p.p.s  let me give you credit for "what a partisan nation we've become".   and who can we thank for that:
     Bob Barr, Hank Hyde, Ken Starr,   ...   Newty,   and the parade of pecadillos who your party put in leadership roles,
     don't blame a democrat for advancing partisanship when your boys have held the reins for >12 yrs..

   "never has an increase in public cynicism failed to benefit the republican",  -- Marty McGowan (c) 1976 - 2008

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> marty saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
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> it's ok ed.  you can come out now too.
> perino's "this is not the scott we knew".  of course not!  this scott has discovered his conscience.   is there a simpler explanation?
> ** Ex-aide criticises Bush over Iraq **
> Ex-White House spokesman Scott McClellan says President Bush was not forthright on the Iraq war.
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