Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lets hear about Iran

 I read the email from your friend Marty and found it interesting that your friend wanted to know what Iranians in general think of the current affairs in our country.

While I am no expert or have any academic credentials in political science, but as some one who has been very much affected by politics of our country such as yourself, I tend to keep up and have a natural inclination and obligation to better understand political matters in order to make some sense of the personal tragedy that we endured to answer some lingering questions.


With that being said, my view of the current hostile position of the American government towards Iran and that of Iran to the US government differs from that of the main stream belief that these two "enemies" will have a show down and that they threaten one another for regional power, etc……..


Without going into details on the birth of the "Islamic Government" the involvement of foreign elements in helping to structure this until then unknown form of state titled "Islamic republic"* .I will simply make one suggestion on the current affairs and that is; the rhetoric and the aggressive tone of the Bush administration has been a true blessing for the Iranian government and its current front man Ahamdi Nejad. Iranians are living in the darkest period of their modern history, excepting a very small minority directly tied to the "religious" government. The average person is and has been suffering from a collapsed economy, lack of higher education, high unemployment rate, out of control inflation, extremely poor medical and health care system, wide spread corruption in every branch of government, political, intellectual and cultural repression, over population not too mention a very seriously threatening pollution problem.


Mr. Bush's continuous threats in regards to attacking Iran or sounding off boldly about its nuclear plans, has caused not only the average person on the streets of Tehran to side with his or her government but more interestingly even many Iranians living in exile are acting out of nationalistic fervor and defending the position of the otherwise hated Mullahs against the foreign bully. We have witnessed this through out the course of the history and more recently in the United States itself, when a failing government uses a war or threat of a war (terrorist) to sir up nationalistic movements and create support for its otherwise failed, repressive policies.


Is this just a coincidence? Hardly, when reviewing the events since the occupation of Iraq and installation of the US backed Iraqi government one can not wonder; why is it that almost all of the new ministers and official selected by the Americans have had long standing ties with the current regime in Tehran? And in some cases lived as exiles in Iran during the saddam ruling!  Furthermore, why is it that one of the first countries that the US backed Iraqi government established political ties with was Iran! And the first official visit outside by the Iraqi prime minister was to Iran!


Conspiracy theories are one thing, but here we are dealing with raw facts. The "Islamic republic of Iran" was the first of its kind created nearly thirty years ago not by a group of illiterate mullahs out of the holly city of Ghom, but by think tanks in Washington, London, Rome and Tel Aviv.  

All one has to do is to look at the map of this region since to see that every secular government has been replaced or is being threatened to be replaced by an "Islamic" government or one heavily influenced by fundamentalist. In the mean time the US has managed to set up a military bases in almost every country in the region, excepting the original bad boy of the Middle East Iran!  



*Please read: From "Hostages to Khomeini" available on Amazon used books.  

-- from "Anonymous"

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