Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Hillary Time?

With the Molly Ivins un-endorsement of Hillary recently, I've seen quite a bit of pros and cons on Hillary as representative of the Democratic Party, especially her place on the (top of) the 2008 Presidential ticket.

I've opened up the comments, and will try to moderate. Let's hear what you think.

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Bill Anderson said...

Marty, very timely. Molly Ivins recent columns are making me re-think my normal preference for not rocking the boat too much.

What illustrates my current dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party was made clear in a recent comment by Marie Coco (Washington Post), paraphrased here. "Take health care. Employers don't want to provide it. I know what the Republican idea is for this; individual health plans. What's the Democratic idea? I don't see one."

Republicans rally behind small gov't, low taxes, so-called free markets. What the Democratic view of a workable gov't? I don't see it.

So my questions for Hillary Clinton, or any Democratic candidate, have to do with what are practicable ideas, strategies, and plans, for a Democratic administration that can manage foreign and domestic affairs.