Sunday, February 1, 2004

Without other announcement, the NDT has two new issues out:
+ 94 -- Healthcare??
+ 95 -- Vice Mis Leader !

Also featured is the link to this afternoon's CNN showing of MoveOn's Bush in 30 seconds, and a letter from reader Maria Johnson in the state of TX about the state of justice there.

Let's declare today the official opening of the political season (Since the Soup/Hype -uh er bowl has held our attention until now). Since the NDT supported Dr Dean (NDT #85, 7/15/03) long before our NJ Gov McGreevey jumped on the bandwagon, we'll not be throwing in the towel just yet. Letters we receive from the now-Trippiless campaign tell us to hold out through the Wisconsin primary. For sure. But let's waste no time exposing the hollow shell (or is it suit?) we have sitting in the White House. To that end, the NDT is going to take Gary Hart's next-to-last good idea, and "build down" our list of links (column 3) to feature those doing the best job of exposing the current emporer in his new clothes.

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